About R.K. Finch

R.K. Finch is the former editor-in-chief of two popular online magazines and a prolific writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Finch also has fifteen years of professional experience as a designer and manager in the Internet industry, has dabbled in federal politics and currently works and lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Besides Drawing a Blank, Finch has published a book of poetry called The Vastness of My De-escalation, completed an as yet unpublished novel about the life and trials of a Canadian writer and artist, and is working simultaneously on a ghost story centred on a lunatic asylum in Mimico, Ontario, as well as a modern political thriller.

About the Serial Killer

Singer, actress and model Renée Salewski has appeared in operas, films and plays throughout Europe and Canada. She appears on the cover of the book as well as in all the online videos for Drawing a Blank.

Recently, Renée made her feature film debut in Penny Woolcock's Exodus and created the role of Franka in the new play Listen by playwright Jessica Woolf. While maintaining a busy life as a performer Renée has designed and implemented courses of study in singing, music theatre and stagecraft, and was the associate director on Ethan Lewis Maltby’s NOISE ENSEMBLE until 2008. She currently lives, teaches, and performs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.